“Where do people go to learn to become a Tailor. Tell me. You have to go to Italy. Why? I can teach. Right here.  In my shop.  My Way.”

– Mike Vonella, Master Tailor

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Learning The Art, The Vonella Way

Today, at his shop in Windsor, Ontario, Mike Vonella is teaching the art of tailoring.  Using the time honoured methods he’s mastered over the last 60yrs he is affording those that are drawn to learning first-hand with him, a chance, a platform, and an invitation to do so.  ‘You will get out what of it what you want to put in it.  And as long as you are willing to learn with patience and hard work, you may stay as long as you would like.’

It’s grassroots.

As he looks back, he reflects on being fully occupied by the commitment he has for his faithful clientele.  Head down and focused on crafting some of the finest hand-made clothing with only a look unique to one person, his customer.  A part of the reason he’s amassed a long list of devoted customers, or whom he calls, friends.

And now, as he looks forward, he is as eager and driven with that same focus on delivering instruction to those willing to take part.  In order for an art to live on, a legacy rooted in authenticity must exist.  ‘My legacy is in the suits I’ve made for my customers that wear my name and now, in the people I will teach.”

If you are local or willing to travel and would like more information feel free to call Mr. Vonella at 519-254-4371, email us at suits@vonellaclothing.com or complete the form below.  He will outline the learning objectives, initiate the application process, and arrange a suitable schedule.

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The Path to Learning

If you are nearby or are willing to travel and would like more information, feel free to call Mike or fill in this form to contact us.  He will discuss the topics of learning, run through the application process, and book a convenient schedule.