FIRST COURSE: 50 hours

At the end of the 50 hours- beginner or intermediate- your sewing techniques will see considerable advancement both by hand and machine. You will learn how to create hemlines, shorten and lengthen, measure, taper pants, take-in and let-out waist and seats, take-in and let-out crotch, shorten jacket sleeves and lengths, take-in and let-out jacket side seams, shorten jacket and overcoats for all men, women and children.

Beyond the 50 hours, you may choose to remain.  If so, we can discuss the next steps.


$25 per hour for 50 hours. Payment requirements are $250 plus tax prior to each 10 hour increment until phase completion.



With a small investment and a bit of passion you will be independent, performing personal alterations and developing the necessary skillset for employment.

“I believe in the end that this can be a trade of the future. There are no places that I know that offer the lessons of this trade that I can.  As a master tailor with over 60 years’ of experience, I will help foster your skills within this beautiful art.”  Mike Vonella


The Path to Learning

If you are nearby or are willing to travel and would like more information, feel free to call Mike or email us by completing the form below.  He will discuss the skills you will learn, run you through the application process, and book a convenient schedule.