Why Learn?

“I have the machines, the thread, the needles, lights in my shop, and my wife.”

– Mike Vonella

A principal ambition is to create a desire and passion for the art.  To become a tailor, on any level, has not been a very pragmatic career path for the average North American in large part to: its significant European roots; the movement to business casual attire; the paradigm shift to mass consumerism; and quite simply, the ongoing plunge into obscurity.  With that said, there may only be a handful or so that can authenticate or educate in this field.

Today, in his own unique way, Mike Vonella is bringing awareness and imparting knowledge that:

  • will minimally enable you to perform personal alterations;
  • can help one achieve levels required to pursue employment as a seamster/seamstress;
  • will refine and advance existing  skillsets;
  • builds an indispensable foundation for aspiring fashion designers;
  • will ultimately cultivate a new generation of Master Tailors.
“They can stay here in my shop for as long as they want. Once a week, once a day, all day.  I have a schedule they can fill up.”

– Mike Vonella

The Path to Learning

If you are nearby or are willing to travel and would like more information, feel free to call Mike or email us by completing the form below.  He will discuss the skills you will learn, run you through the application process, and book a convenient schedule.